KMIT (Kitchen Manager In Training)

This video is seen by crew as they take their first steps towards management. The Kitchen Manager In Training is an hourly management position and the first in the essential career path at Chipotle. A series like this was slated for Service Manager, Apprentice and General Manager.



Green Screen

Hospitality series


Vegas All Managers Conference


Over 2,800 attendees experienced our biannual training conference hosted by Chipotle’s Training Department. The goal was to get people hyped about the event and remind them to get ready!


Promotional Teaser

This video went out 2 months before the launch of the conference as a reminder and to build interest.


Conference Videos

To provide context for all the training breakout sessions and to entertain between them, we made a series of comedic short episodes where our host explores what it means to be a manager at Chipotle.

Welcome Experience

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Hiring Experience

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Guest Experience

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Vegas Field Leaders Conference



designed and built the interstitials. Including title cards, slide introductions and the animated logo that defined the branding of the event. Worked closely with the graphic designer and Art director for the biannual event.